John's Second Chance

After John pulls the plug, the project goes dorment. Dan quickly forgets about the whole idea and starts handing John internal projects that need supervision or senior guidance.

John continues on for several months, working on the projects Dan needs. John eventually forgets about his entrepreneurial spirit while he deals with the day-to-day drudgery of working for a corporation. The money is good, the hours are decent, it’s a job.

As the end of the fiscal year nears, rumors of layoffs begin to swirl through the cubicle farm that is the office. John ponders taking a package, but decides to stick it out, after all, it’s a job.

On a Tuesday morning, a memo is circulated that layoffs will begin immediately. John is called into Dan’s office. He didn’t make the cut. Devastated, John goes home. A few days later he starts thinking about his idea, that one the company wanted to own. He starts it again, after all the company can’t own his idea, just his code. So he starts the rewrite. A few days later he meets..

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