The Island

There’s an island, a pretty sizable one, big enough to support a growing and thriving population. This community that’s established itself on this firmly-set island is one of sharing, one of support. In all of the denizens’ endeavors, there’s always support, feedback, encouragement, direction. With such empowerment so much is possible, and so much is accomplished here on this island.

Then here I am, out on the sea looking out to this island. I used to hang around there quite a bit, but life’s dragged me away a couple times. And even though the island’s surrounded by what equates to a sea of inspiration, it’s one of those instances where a person can be in the sea chin-deep and still can’t get a sip.

Rather frustrating, I can assure you.

But I’ve set out to explore the island I’ve loved again. I’m on my raft, a pen in one pocket, a pad in the other, a pencil in my hair, paddling back slowly but hopefully surely. I miss the old turf and the good folks. I just hope they’ve missed me enough to welcome me back.

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