Under Arrest

As I sat in the small red chair in the corner of my bedroom, nearly in tears, he uttered the unthinkable.

“Yes, you’re now in our custody” Detective Darton said.

“What about my trip, and work? How am I going to get to work?”

“Do you have sick leave?”


“You can make a call from the station”

“But my office doesn’t have a phone, I have to send an email”

“What kind of office doesn’t have a phone?”

“We use Skype, it’s a small company”

“You can send an email from the station then”

When we arrived at the station downtown, I was placed in a small room covered with steel caging instead of bars. After a few minutes, a cop approached the cell with a computer.

“I’ll have to type your email, we cannot allow you to use a computer”. It made sense, the arrest was for 6 felonies of computer hacking and tampering.

“I have to tell you my password?”

“Yup, it’s this or nothing”


As I dictated an `I’m sick email` to the cop, the shock of being arrested started to set in. Who was I going to call?

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