This Is A True Story, It Really Happened

No one is going to believe this. I don’t even believe this. I’ve found a dinosaur. An honest to god fucking dinosaur. The extinct kind!

Well, not extinct, I suppose. This one is alive.

I think it saw me! I’m not sure what species it is, but signs are pointing towards a carnivore of some sort. Seriously, a dinosaur! Unbelievable!

It’s running now! Oh wow, it’s heading straight towards me! I need to get out of – It caught me! Stunning! The beast is so majestic up close. I never could have imagined that this is what a dinosaur would look like! All those drawings in my science books were only half right! Oh man, I feel so euphoric.

Look at it go! It’s ripping right into my organs! I can see my own innards spilling unto the ground! Those claws are so fucking sharp!

It’s a fucking dinosaur!

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