4. You're looking at me funny again...

“Stop looking at me funny!” She exclaims “You’ve been doing that all night. Whats your problem?!”
A slight pause.
“I don’t know what you mean” Boss mutters, glancing away guiltily.
She walks off with the T.V. but it isn’t long before she comes back.
“Seriously, if you’ve got a problem, tell me now, instead of just watching me all the time”
“I can’t, Rez, I just can’t”
“Why not?” Challenges Rez, determined to find the truth no matter what. “What’s so bad you can’t tell me, of all people?”
He glances away for a second, focussing on a far off nothing, then turns back to face her. He looks her evenly in the eyes and says…
“Your sister told me why you were in hospital last week, Rez, I know”

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