3. The Letter...

“See ya tomorra, Ma’am, Boss!”
Rez walks with the lads, as they play near the road
“Watch out!” She can’t help but call.
Rez looks across the road to see her bus leaving
“God Damn! I’ll catch you guys tomorra, I’m gan go annoy Boss for a bit ok?”
“Yeah, later!”
She turns and walks back
“Honey, I’m HOME!” She calls.
He opens the door, but she doesn’t move to go inside
“Not coming in then Rez?”
“MY BUS!” She shouts again, with a smile “I’m gan stand here an shout for a bit cause i feel like it!”
“Erm…okay then, see ya Rez”
She walks round, looking at the dig site that greets her when she leaves work and sighes, leaning against the wall
“C’mon girl” Rez mutters as she pulls out the note and her physics.
She tears off the back page of her physics and folds the note up inside it, making an envelope. She takes a deep breath and slips the letter through the door. Then she turns and walks away.
“Now you’ve done it” Rez mutters as she gets on the bus, leaving them to ponder on the plea.

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