Now What, Let's Get em Drunk

It wasn’t just the anger that was getting to Glen, he scored bad coke from those punks in the trailer park on the outskirts of route 4.

“What you boys doing?”

“We got bizness”

“Yeah, this bar is bizness alright.”

“I was thirsty” Glen grunted as he picked up his whiskey shot, it looked cheap and smelled like shit, even from a few feet away.

“There’s no sense trying to talk you boys down,” Brad started “so I ain’t even gonna try. Have you found him yet”

“Yeah, he’s at his place in the heights” Jason responded, his eyes half opened, hardly able to contain the swaying. “We’re gonna get a little drunk and pay him a visit.”

The men had clearly passed a little drunk, directly into barely conscious and extremely angry. Blackout drunk or sober as a church girl, it wouldn’t matter, the 3 men together had inflicted serious damage on foes before.

“Next rounds on me then” Brad said, his plan slowly beginning to form. The only real danger was letting his friends leave the bar before dawn.

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