Between Rocks and a Hard Horse

I heaved ineffectually at the bulk pinning me to the ground. I’m strong, have to be, but the horse only moved an inch or so before falling back on me, snoring all the while. I dragged my face across the horse’s hide, pushing my skin back into place, and looked up at Calliope.

“Help, please?”

She nodded, lips compressed from holding in laughter. Her shoulders shook as she pulled the horse far enough off me that I could scramble out.

“Didn’t know the tranqs those guys use were also aphrodisiacs,” she said, smirking.

My jaw clicked as I tried to work out what she meant. She pointed helpfully at the horse. I turned, and sure enough, he’d been excited right next to my head.

I shrugged. “I have that effect on people.”

She smacked me on my shoulder, producing a whud!

“No wonder you’re so popular. Now come on. Your search party is on its way.” She turned and walked into the brush, rifle ready. I straightened my clothes and skin and followed her.

“Hope you know what you’re doing.”

“Don’t I always?”


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