WTF am I doing?

She glanced at the clock on her radio and it read 9:38pm.
She put her phone down, and turned her car around.
“I hope he is okay! I don’t, didn’t, wait… why am I going.. wh-wh what am I doing? I’m not even friends with him anymore. Why would he call me? I’m so confused is this a joke. But he could be in real danger!? Wait, I don’t care about him. But I do care about him. He really thinks I’m going to take the trip from Philadelphia to New York at 9:30pm. Fine! I will just call him tomorrow and pick him up tomorrow. WHY did I tell him I would pick him up right now. I hate driving at night. OOhhh he gets on my nerves. He dropped me almost 8 months ago, why would he call me and ask me to go to New York. Safe, he said something about safety, and he was crying. Maybe this is more serious than I thought. Then why did he call me and not his true friends.

Brandy argued with herself for the next ten minutes when she got another call.
“Brandy I need you” Sammy said then she heard gun shots and the phone disconnected.

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