2. You're Looking at me funny...

“Rez, whats the matter?”
“What d’you mean Boss? I’m fine.”
“Okay, if you say so…”
Rez turns and walks over to her mentee
“What was all that about?”
“I don’t know, lil lady, he just asked if i was okay, and then shut up when i told him i was”
Rez turns to see Boss staring, but he quickly drops his eyes as he realises she has seen him
the evening wears on and too soon, it is time for the kids to leave, so staff can tidy up and debrief
“Rez! Give us a hand with this?”
“Sure, one sec” she calls as she puts the art table away.
Rez walks over to help push the pool table back
“Are you sure you’re okay Rez?” Boss asks, as they strain against the weight.
“Yeah, why wouldn’t I be?” she answers, rather defensively.
“I dunno, you just seem very tense is all”
“Well, sometimes, things get a bit much, and it shows in your face, no matter how hard you try tou hide it”
“What’s going on then?” Boss enquires.
“I’m living with my sister because my father raped me, is that a problem with you?”
“Rez, I-I…”
“Shut up.”

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