1. People change, Boss...

Another week, another session, another problem, another solution.
Lil Lady is not happy, Rez notes, watching as Lil Lady attacks Boss. When she decides Lil Lady is getting too violent, Rez steps in…
“Hey! Lil Lady, C’mon, leave him alone now, you’re gonna beat him black n blue if you carry on like that!”
Lil Lady stops, and walks over.
“Sorry Rez, I just can’t stand the way he treats me like a baby. Like he treat me when i first came here”
“I know, he does the same with me, you just have to show him you’ve changed and he’ll respond to it”
“Are you sure?”
The session draws to a close and soon, only Boss and Rez are left, clearing away because Ma’am is on a training course.
“What did you say to Lil Lady earlier to stop her attacking me Rez?”
“You’ve changed Rez, you’re different somehow”
“I’ve only learnt how cruel the world can be”
“Yeah, but still, you seem to have more control and you’re much more authoratative than in the training sessions”
“So? People change Boss…”

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