Middle of Nowhere

“Of course!” yelled Blake, catching on, “But, where…”

“I don’t get it… what’s going on?” James was having trouble with understanding this stuff.

“It’s Luthor! He’s draining the sea for steam, and with a project using this much water, we better stop it!”

“Yes, but still… where is he?”

“Now, with the absence of any weather patterns, Alfonse really came through on this one…”


As their paddle steamer pulled in Algiers, Lance prepared the transport. Their convoy of camels headed out into the Sahara, leaving nothing but dust trails behind them.

“So, Cap’n, you’re friend tell us where in the desert Luthor is? Cause I don’t know if you noticed, but we’re in the largest desert in the world!” Hints of unease adorned Lance’s voice.

“No, actually Antartica is the biggest desert int he world.” said Dex matter-of-factly.

“Look, that doesnt matter, I think I know where Lex is…”

They were several scores of miles from the Atlantic border when they saw what Lex had been planning.

An army of Steam Giants!

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