Tinsel and Couscous: Kitty Detectives

There was once a pair of kittens; their names were Tinsel and Couscous. Tinsel was a fluffy young kit, with gray fur and yellow eyes. Her brother, Couscous, was a sleek blond tabby with yellow eyes as well. They were each other’s constant shadow and unfailing play-mate and were seldom seen apart. They made sure to get up to all sort’s of shenanigans and endearing misadventures on a daily basis and it is generally agreed upon that it was always an adorable sight.

As of late, the pair had taken to calling themselves ‘Junior Detectives’, and they would search and sniff for a mystery to unravel (whether or not a mystery indeed existed mattered not). That day, Couscous mentioned how he had noticed that strange people were coming to visit quite often. Tinsel said of how brothers Tabasco and Yams were missing, and how Mother had taken a dour mood.

“Then we shall investigate?” Couscous asked.

“Indeed, we shall solve the puzzle!” Tinsel said, “After our nap!”

But when Tinsel awoke, she couldn’t find Couscous.

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