Phantom Power

“I can’t believe this place has been deserted for so many years, it’s incredible!”

“It’s amazing, when you can see past all the cobwebs.”

Our flashlight beams scamper over the riches of a past life: elegant furniture, china & trinkets that would’ve glowed had dust not taken them over. How Jay got the nerve to come up to this old mansion is beyond me, & why I agreed to come is even further beyond that.

As we cross the dusty floor into the next room instinctively I feel the wall for a light switch, to no avail. I pass my flashlight over the wall without finding a single switch. “Cripes,” I mutter, “Nobody’s lived here in at least a hundred years, nobody’s bothered to put in electricity.” As soon as I say so both our flashlights flicker out. Jay curses under his breath and scurries to an adjoining room with a window, where he can hopefully see a bit better to fix the flashlight.

A few moments later a soft light spills onto the floor. “Good to see you got it working so quickly,” I say.

“… I didn’t.”

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