I’ve never been real good at talking with other people. Always a bit of a loner, especially ever since Bill and rest… hell, you know that already. But yeah, after the war, a guy who’s half prosthetic and PTSD ain’t exactly the pick of the litter in the job market, considering he can’t meet a stranger without clamming up. So when I heard about the prosthetic tests they were performing, I figured it was a good way to earn my meal chits without having to be real sociable.

But you know all this already. That’s why I like you so much. You’re the first. My first real friend, I mean. Who’d think a guy like me would meet his best friend in a place like this? I sure wouldn’t have. You’re a great listener and you’ve always been there for me when times got tough. I just wish you could have talked a little. I won’t cry; it’s just that I wanted you to know before I get thrown in the ol’ dustbin. It’s a big surprise waking up and finding out you’re not legally human anymore.

See you later, Mac.


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