I never knew what I wanted in life. I never knew so I never chose. I never pursued the brass ring. The only thing I knew is what I didn’t want. I didn’t want to look foolish. I didn’t want to be embarrassed. I didn’t want to fail. I had dreams and hopes, but no idea as how to get them, because I didn’t want a certain job or certain house. I wanted to be happy, but I realize I don’t know how to be. You spend all that time in school and no one teaches you how to be happy. They never taught me that the skill of being unseen that served me in school would damn me in life. They never taught me that sometimes you have to take the leap, but I figured that one out. When she said I do to him I figured it all out. So I finally took a leap. I suppose it’s too late now, as the ground rushes towards me, but I think I’ve made a mistake. This is going to be embarrassing.

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