Do I get to go home tonight?

As the ADA rattled off the 6 different felonies, I stood there quietly. The judge was an older man, his skin and hair showed the classic signs of a WASP aging: sagging and gray. He starred at me as the charges of computer hacking were rattled off.

“Your honor, the people are alleging the defendant’s acts amounted to theft of more than $1 million dollars” the rookie ADA, paying his dues, said from his small table on the judge’s right. “We’re asking for $5,000 bail.”

The judge leaned forward. “How did he take more than a $1 million dollars?” as if expecting to hear a riveting and complicated tail.

“I don’t know..” the ADA began frantically flipping through pages of notes that outlined the charges against me. “It doesn’t say.”

The judges gavel cracked the air. “Defendant is ROR, court date is June 1st, next case.”

As I walked from the courtroom, I turned to my attorney. “What does ROR mean? Can I go home?”

“You can go home.” she said. “You need to hire a private attorney. Have them call me. Good luck.”

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