Party it Up, Pens all Around

Write up a storm huh? Well first does it really have to be a storm? Storms are pretty cool at times, but they can be pretty violent can’t they? I don’t think we are violent with our pens, so lets change it up. Can it be a party? The more we write, the more were partying it up. hahhahahah.

Oh I’m sorry I don’t mean to be rude. My name is blusparrow. I have my pieces of poetry with some story mixed in. I survived through Ficlets and here I am. Most don’t know who I am here, but that’s all my fault. My perky comments have become rare these days and things from my pen have been slow. That’s why I am about to party it up.

I am sure partying it up on my laptop here. After all it is two in the morning. That’s when the best parties happen anyways. Marli, you did an awesome job rallying the writers here. I guess this sequel is to keep the rallying so to speak. So let’s say cheers and raise our pens my fellow Ficly friends, it’s time to party it up!

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