Those Beautiful Eyes

Forehead furrowed and lips screwed downward to form an expression of worry that was rare on her features. She watched him, heart racing so loud that she half hoped he would wake up from the sound of her ribcage breaking.

He stirred, muscles moving until his eyes opened. He stared out into the empty space, ashen irises vacant. He was as still as a corpse and she feared he was one until he turned to look at her.

“You’re awake,” words tumbled from her lips as though they were her lifeline. She sat up, spine popping from the sudden movement. He gazed at her before his long fingers touched her cheeks, brushing over her skin as though to wipe away dust before resting on the side of her face.

“Your eyes,” he whispered, moisture budding around his own and he inhaled sharply to keep his composure. “Your eyes, they’re so pretty…” he grinned, a chuckle wheezing through his throat. “They’re so pretty.”

His fingers tightened and she flinched as his nails broke her skin to form red pearls. “I want them.”

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