The forest to the West.

Wind whistled between the trees, and the hunter crept along a path through the undergrowth, worn smooth by the passage of his quarry. He was a tall creature, four gently glowing eyes and a sharp-toothed mouth set in his face; long, clawed fingers and a row of spines down the centre of his back. He walked along the path, footfalls gently disturbing the forest floor, and spotted something up ahead. He stopped, and observed it, blinking alternate eyes to examine the thing up ahead through various spectra. Having judged it to be stone, his attention turned from it, back to the hunt, and he continued along the path left by his quarry. Slowly, gently growing louder, was a slow ticking sound, like some sort of clockwork. The hunter looked around, and saw something appear out of thin air, a box, roughly as tall as him, covered in clicking gears and springs, bathed in a fading bluish light. The bronze machine stood there, ticking, and the hunter advanced on it, as a door on the box opened, revealing the interior…

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