Keeping In Control

I spent the rest of my lunch period in a deserted girl’s bathroom. The boy who sat with me, the only person to actually offer me friendship instead of just stares, sent shivers down my spine. His clear, blue eyes looked so calming and gentle… so unlike my mother’s…

I shivered again thinking about her, and what was going to be waiting for me the moment I walked into our new house. Past occurances flooded my mind and I gripped the sink I was standing at. Tears sprang to my eyes and a scream rose to my lips.

I splashed icy cold water against my face, fighting desperatly to keep it all in control. A couple deep breaths and several minutes later, I swallowed the scream and the tears down. I wrestled my stone, emotionless exsprestion back into place as the bell rang signalling lunch was over.

I walked out of the bathroom with my head ducked down and my books tight to my chest. When I got to my next class I saw the same guy was in this class, too, and his hurt was written all over his face as he looked at me.

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