Seneca Splendor

Panting, Jacob reached the deck and ran out to the very edge, where he could hang over nothingness. Anneliese was close behind, he could hear her breathing as they ran the last 20 feet. The boards creaked under their weight and in no time, they were hanging off the railing looking at the splendor of West Virginia.

“I love you” Anneliese said. Jacob suddenly straightened up. Is she THE ONE? all his life, his brothers and sisters had been telling him what to look for in THE ONE. This is the first time he heard the “L” word.

The view was amazing, Jacob noticed several people getting off their horses from the first ride up to the Seneca summit. He wanted to reach out and shake those people for not experiencing life the way it should be. Anneliese quickly seized the moment, she looked into Jacob’s eyes, and saw the rest of her life unfolding in a very good light.

She strained and her lips pursed, she leaned towards Jacob. With her eyes closed and mind racing, she gave him a kiss he would never forget.

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