False hope of bliss

I’d love for you to have me,
but I’m not mine to give.
I’d love for me to have you,
but I’m too afraid to live.

I wish that I could stay here,
but it’s a false hope of bliss.
I wish this wasn’t an illusion,
and all I thought of was your kiss.

I move away from feeling,
though I wish I could believe.
I move away from you, hoping,
with you, my fears will leave.

I deny that peice of paper,
with the painful truth it’s ridden.
I can’t deny that I love you, tho’
even in my heart it’s hidden.

I say all this to you and I,
try to push you further away.
I say I’m not, but I’m scared of
what these feelings could do left to stray.

I think I love you back,
but it’s just so complicated.
I think deep down I’m scared,
that you’ll regret this time you’ve waited.

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