Entropic Echoes

The screams are better than the silence. Silence means that you’re alone and make no mistake, at that moment, you are alone. Never knowing when or if the quiet will end. Deep in darkness, caged with only screams and silence, the only thing you can do is remember. However, the longer you exist here, the more your memories are supplemented by fiction, fantasies and lies from within.

For example, I don’t believe I was a prince, though I remember being one. Arrogant and selfish, I rode across moon-lit sands, a dozen followers behind me; men of violence and depravity. The world was mine.

It’s funny, I was a demon then, a terror of the night. Those that crossed my path would end up maimed- or worse. As a demon now, all I can do now is just sit and think.

Not very demon-like at all if you think about it.

In the end I return, as I always do, to the last night of my life. It always follows the same steps- trial, tears and execution. My screams of defiance become screams of pain but screams are better than silence.

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