Her laughter filled the air like a sweet summer song. Her smile carried the innocence of spring, youthful and delighting. She radiated joy, it exploded around her, filling every nook and crevasse with her happiness.

It was almost impossible to feel anything but joy around her. Almost.

Leaned against the doorframe, he watched. She was focused, concentrated the way only a three year old could.

Her back was to him, he was unable to see what fixated her.

It had now been a week since his brothers passing. A week of running, searching, of battling his moral fibre. Now here he stood, ready to take the next step.

She turned, unaware of another person in the room. Her eyes traced his figure, climbing along the six foot frame of his body. Her eyes, able to rival any winter sky, locked with his. She screamed.

“Daddy!” She leaped forward. He scooped her up, smiling as he hugged her tight. “I’ve missed you sweetheart!”

“Sam!” his mother yelled from across the house. “It’s about time!”

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