“Mmm,” I sighed, loving the metallic smell of my own flesh and blood. It was as if I lived for the moment I felt the cool, hard bite of the metal on my skin.

Adrenaline coursed through my veins, making my head spin. I sank to the floor, holding my hand cradled against my chest.
The blood oozed out of the mutilated skin, soaking into my white t-shirt. My eyelids slid closed as my heart slowed to a sluggish pace.


My brother’s footsteps trudged up the stairs in time with my fluttering heart. Steven banged on the door.
“Hurry up, Mel! I have to piss!”
“Mmm, go away,” I whispered, seeing black dots dance before my eyes. I grabbed onto the shower curtain in attempt to yank my body up. I heard the fabric tear and barely felt my head connect with the tile as I stared at the wall blankly.
My brother broke down the door.

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