The Writing on the Walls

Despite the writing on the walls, my future seemed rather large.

There were no more wise words of encouragement or enthusiasm for work that was not yours. There were no more words of inqurement.
The best thing that had ever happened to us was ending in little over a month and we all wanted it to continue as much as the next person.

Although I wanted my previous life to resume, I also felt a sense of contentment; that I had met the expectations and needs of my new family. I knew that I couldn’t live in the past and drown myself in memories of my previous adventures with those people.

I knew that I had to move on.

Of course, there were the dreary ones, the furious ones, and the hopeful ones that kept us afloat. The decision was out of our hands, but we stayed optimistic.

In the end, we all wanted a place to call our own and to decorate it with our inspirations, thoughts, ideas, and muses. We had found that place. It was home.
As I look back on the day it ended, I smile with no regret.

I am truly home.

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