A Moment of Realness

I walk in and sit down at a table. James walks up to me.“Hey,” he says and sits next to me. “Hey,” I say in a cloudy voice and gaze around the room. I smile when I spot who I’m looking for. Chris strides in like everything is just so cool. His hair is black, eyes are brown. He sets down his bag and walks straight over to our table. My heart races.

“Hello,” Chris says and sits down. I smile and start typing like the fact that he siting down isn’t affecting me. “Have.. have you been you working on project?” I stutter. I huff in anger on how I screw up my words. Only around him I do this. Chris and James laugh, but don’t bring it up. I continue to screw up my sentences till I slow down and finally get them right. Without thinking, I say everything without thinking. Conversations just flow like its natural and like were the only people in the room.

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