Her Eyes

I had the best of motives, really I did. The sale went smoothly, money weighting my inner jacket pocket, thumping my chest to the beat of my joyful swagger. It was all part of the plan. One last sale, enough money to buy the gift, then with it given, I could be rid of this lifestyle. I was breaking the cycle to win her back.

Unfortunately, it was too soon to prove to the world that I had changed. The lights on the motorcycle flashed blue and red before the Uniform chased me down back alleys and yards. If I could get away, I’d truly be free.

“You have a visitor.” The guard roughly informed me as the lock clicked and the barred door opened. There sat the last person I wanted to see.

I felt sick.

She didn’t have to speak. Her mouth turned down at the corners and her bright blue irises were ringed with watery disappointment. I couldn’t even explain that this was the last time. The heartbreak that creased her brow shot an arrow through my heart. No apology could renew her trust in me. I saw it in her eyes.

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