Swearing In

He stands, an impressive figure, above thousands of people, waiting to speak

“Today, fellow Americans, we make history, today, we win!”
“Today, it has changed, race will no longer be an issue”
A pause
“We are equals!”
He glances round at the rapt faces below him
“This is the day when all people can walk the streets without fear. When all people are Americans, and will be called Americans. This is the day when vicious rapists will be made to suffer for their hatefuelled attacks on African-Americans, Indian-Americans, and evry other Amercian that walks on this soil”
Confusion, He falters
“What, what have I said?” he whispered to his right-hand man
The guard just shrugged.
It wasn’t until he watched it back that he realised he’d pledged to solve two problems, not just one.

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