After more than a year of putting steps between herself and what had happened, she found she had lost every extra piece of flesh she used to carry. It wasn’t on purpose. She had been eating food, certainly. But food didn’t seem to be what was needed to keep her body on her skeleton. She kissed her regular clothes goodbye, bought lovely new things with patterns in shades of the late afternoon and the blueness of the sky. And of course she kept walking.

Not only lighter, but taller .. first the 2 inch heels, then the 4 inch heels, finally a pair of 5 inch platform pedestals. She felt like a live animation of the ‘evolution of man’ diagram, except this time it was the evolution of herself. Her haircut got shorter, crisper, her chin more resolved, her eyes filled with tenderness and she began to touch things in a new way entirely. Warmth moved from her skin into his; when she sighed with delight, little sparks flared in his heart.

No, really. I am telling you the truth.

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