No Superhero

I am no superhero. Just a common man. I came all the way over here not for you… not for me. They told me to. I didn’t exactly volunteer. They told me I could go to two different places. Jail or here. I chose here. More sunlight here. A lot more. I like the idea of being able to do what I did before and not getting in trouble. It’s funny that you just have to aim at the right people to have the distinction between a monster and a hero. There I was a monster. Here, I am a hero. They pin stripes on my jacket and pay me. There, I would have been in a cage. I used to be the boss, now I’m another nobody.

Here they supply me with the tools I need. There, I had to buy them in the back of a pawn shop with cash. Here they practically push them into my hands and point me in the right direction. No, I’m no superhero. Hell, I’m not even a hero. I’m still a monster. But a monster that they can control. A monster they made, molded and trained. I am better than I once was at what I do. And here… they praise me for it.

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