5. So What?

Not the time, or the place, she walks out. Confused, scared. Why? Why had her sister said anything?
“Rez! Hey Rez! Wait up!” He calls
She keeps on walking, a little faster, refusing to acknowledge him
“Rez…” Boss mutters, touching her arm as if to stop her from walking on
" Get off me." She growls, averting his eyes.
“Not until you tell me why, and who, and when”
“I said, get off me.” Rez threatens, tearing her arm loose from his grasp.
Boss grabs her by the shoulders and turns her to face him. she looks down at her feet. her lifts her chin with his finger until she is looking at him in the eyes.
“Why Rez?”
She just looks at him, mute to the last, as is her way
“Lets go inside”
“My sister…”
“…Can wait, Rez. This is something we need to talk about”
He leads her back inside, to the office and sits her down. He sits opposite and studies her for a moment

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