The physics of horror

The theoretical physicist calmly observed the mathematician through her binoculars. She had never anticipated such a grim end to their lifelong rivalry. She saw the big cliff of zombie remains against the walls of the building where he had taken refuge, and estimated he only had a couple of days left, at the most.

She had been considerably wiser in her preparations, she thought. She had food and water for over a year, and had perched herself on the top of a very tall building, after having calculated the limit of the slope, pressure and density a zombie pile could take before crumbling down. She knew she was safe, for several months at least.

She was smiling at the fate of the mathematician, when she felt the teeth ripping her flesh. With a yell of pain and surprise she turned to see the putrid remains of one of her former colleagues, a nuclear physicist. By an event barely more likely than a complete impossibility, the zombie had quantum tunnelled through a wall. Well, half of it had. The half with teeth.

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