Game Theory

They say nothing changes until it does.

I never understood what my statistics prof meant by that until now. Everybody knows zombies aren’t real, right? You can’t bring something back to life once it’s dead. Except now you can.

The news reports started a couple days ago. Some sort of accident at a government research facility. Evacuations, people dying, and then the monsters. It was like something out of a bad horror flick.

They took a bunch of us grad students to this “safe zone” yesterday, fed us a ton of data on where and how fast the things have been spreading, and we’ve been running simulations ever since. They didn’t want to believe us when we told them the preliminary results a few hours ago.

I handed them the final analysis as I was running out the door, headed in the most probable safe direction. If the view out the window by now doesn’t convince them, I don’t know what will.

I liked it better when nothing changed.

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