6. Questions, Questions...

“Did you really think you could hide it from us, from me Rez? It was always going to show eventually. What are you going to do about schoolwork, and working here?”
“There’s no answer Rez, there isn’t. Right Basics, who and when? And does he know?”
No answer.
“Rez, does the father know about the baby?” Boss persists.
“Just shut up and leave me alone yeah?! I’m sick of the constant questions. It’s my life and I’ll do as I please, no matter what. Anyway, what’s your special interest in my life all of a sudden?”
She stares at him, green eyes blazing, challenging, demanding an answer from the man she used to love
“I just want to know you’re okay Rez” In a low tone.
“Oh whatever, like I haven’t heard that one before” Scornful now, taking the upperhand in the conversation.
“I mean it Rez, I do care about you”
“Yeah, and pigs fly!”
A flicker of a smile
“Swine Flu”
“Shut ya face Boss!”
Rez stands up, and walks out, ignoring Boss pleas to come back and sort things out
“Scrw ’em” Rez mutters

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