I kept my gaze fixed pointedly out the window. I focused on the blur of buildings, trees and hills instead of the jabs from the guys sitting all around me.

When I didn’t answer to the lipstick question the boy obviously took it as a yes and slid into the seat next to me. He grabbed my face and yanked it towards him.

“Such a pretty little thing.” He drawled in a thick southern accent.

I struggled to get his hand off me, but his grip was painful and I couldn’t shake it.

“Get… away!” I said through clenched teeth because I couldn’t move my jaw in his grip.

“Awwww, fiesty!” He responded, a hunger rose in his eyes and my face paled in fear. Memories of times spent with my mother, things that happened, the after effects… all started from that same look of hunger.

“Please stop…” My voice came out shaky. I cursed myself for not being strong.

He laughed a slow, cruel laugh and pulled my face closer.

“I believe she said stop.” The guy from earlier said as he put a hand on the creep’s shoulder to stop him.

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