for the love of Bear

Her parents couldn’t afford much, so the bear was all she got that Christmas.
Her eyes lit brightly, she loved him instantly, and took him everywhere.
She sang his song, and hummed it when at school.
As always, she ran to her room and grabbed bear first after school.

Time passes, as it does, and soon bear’s song became quieter.
As she grew, her life changed, and the bond diminished.
High school comes, and bear’s song is gone. He’s a shelf bear now.

Years pass, and she’s out of college, in her dream job, and married.
Her thoughts dwell on her future, but bear still sits on a shelf, silent.

Pregnancy arrives in her life, and her thoughts run wild.
She thinks of things she never thought of before, and she remembers her past.
She sees her childhood, her parents, and other family, then…

She hears bear. As she relives the greatest times of her life, she hears his music again.
Taking him in her arms, she sings along, as her memories bring them back together.

Bear is home again.

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