When in New York [1]

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Fair enough, but I wasn’t in Rome, I was in New York, and when in New York… Well, I honestly had no idea what New Yorkers like me did, so it didn’t really make much of a difference.

My name is Caroline Rimbaldi, and I’m a sorceress.

For a certain value of sorceress, anyway. I can make protection charms and a few odd spells, mostly. Maggie always says I’d be better if I practised, and I maintain that she’s my Guardian, not my teacher or my mother, and if she wants me to deny sex, I totally will. We’ve got a special relationship, me and Maggie.

And this time, we’d actually left home, which was a first. She’d heard that there was a teacher there, who might be able to help me hone my skills a little better, and I’m all for that. So we left the comforts of Tempe and my classes at ASU, and we headed for the Big Apple.

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