Such a Little Liar

The bus driver started back towards us, huffing and gruffing. She called from mid way back, “What’s going on here boys?”

The big tough guy, who was moments ago trying to harasse me, bursrt into tears and began telling the driver how this boy just came up to him and tripped him and then kicked him. He exaggerated about how the boy -I should really find out his name soon…- wouldn’t leave him alone even though he was begging him to stop. He sniffled as he told the woman how all he was trying to do was talk to “the new girl”, me, just trying to be the nice, friendly guy he was.

The boy, my hero, and I scoffed at the wimp as he wrang his hands, completly looking like the innoccent boy he wasn’t.

When the creep was done with his tale, the woman turn on the boy and me.

“What am I going to do with you? I’ll have to report this!” She huffed, turning.

“Wait!” I called. She turned back on me and looked at me with such hatred I shrank.


I swallowed my fear and pointed at the creep, “That boy is a liar.”

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