Thoughts of Thoughts

She lay staring at the ceiling. Did I dream that conversation? Or was I awake when that happened two days ago? It felt pretty real yet I don’t really remember it taking place outside of my head. Maybe I was tired. But if I was tired maybe I was asleep. I hadn’t slept well the previous night.

Does this put me in a position of insanity? Not being able to tell whether my dream state and my real memories were separate? And what of it? Surely to remember a dream is to make it a memory, and memories themselves are just as intangible as dreams. Does that make memories dreams? To remember a memory is to summon images from experience; as dreams do. Most are blurred and faded, most are snippets of the past with a beginning and end – we can’t remember the before and after of a memory as we can’t dream the before and after of a dream. And we can jump from memory to memory as we can dreams of dreams. She sighed. Whatever. Turning over she slept not knowing whether she’d remember these thoughts and dreamt.
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