The World's Most Dangerous Document

The document contains verbiage that could bring catastrophe to millions.

The proper, or front, side of the page contains three paragraphs of text, double-spaced in Times New Roman, which describe a rather ordinary policy concerning a zoning ordinance.

But the other side of the document reveals a single-spaced paragraph in a fine point Arial. At the end of this paragraph is an asterisk with a corresponding footnote. Concluding the third sentence of the footnote a subscript, printed in the smallest of types, is the legal directive.

Fortunately for the potentially affected this directive is written in the language of a cave-dwelling collective in Asia Minor of some 400 years ago and is therefore utterly untranslatable.

For reasons of safety the document is permanently kept in a file cabinet located at the foot of a long, steep staircase which itself is located at the top of a long, steep staircase so that to discover it one must be both coming and going. Also the file cabinet is locked.

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