Or Something Like That

I woke up this morning with another hard-on.

I stared up, studying the ceiling. I wonder if there are any new cracks? All I could think about is how horny I am, but as usual there was nobody in bed with me. All dressed up and no place to go. Or something like that.

I made the decision to get up straight away, rather than go through the usual ritual. Tripping over some unfinished projects, I finally made my way to the bathroom. I find it difficult to pee when I’m this hard, but somehow I managed, and rather than go make breakfast, I decided to start the shower right away. A nice cold one. Or something like that. But as usual it doesn’t work. Guess I’ll have to unclog the drain again.

It was one of those rare occasions where I managed to dry off without looking at myself in the mirror. I went back into my bedroom and got dressed, not really caring how my hair looks. Nobody will be seeing me today anyway.

Or something like that.

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