Swept Away

I struck up a conversation with one of the nearby Marines as their leader started randomy demanding series of twenty push-ups to try to keep the troops’ minds off of the tense situation. I had heard this Marine speaking Spanish before, so I decided to use my own broken knowledge of the language to relate to him. We shared a few minutes of chatter before I heard a panicked “Donde la Luna??” from over my shoulder.

I looked out the nearby window to have a look and saw the silver sliver that was our Moon. As I pointed it out to relieve the troops, it began to shimmer. ‘Amazing night for an eclipse’, I thought.’ But there was something odd about it… It was progressing WAY too quickly.

Just then, something encroached upon the starlit vista from behind another building which caused immediate pandemonium among the platoon. My own jaw dropped in amazement.


How could our enemy have swept us off of our own soil without us noticing so much as a small jolt?

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