For the King!

The Orcish city of Morg’zRal sat atop a high cliff. The Warchief, Roshgar, was at his war table outside in the warm summer air.

Mark’rah jasz Nig’ghra. We shall come from above.

His lieutenants nodded their praises and thundered off to their regiments. Roshgar’s advisor, Mak’Nill, approached.

“Ah, Mak’Nill. What ne-…” He was cut off as Mak’Nill punched him in the face. Roshgar recoiled before giving a thunderous war-cry and retaliating. Mak’Nill dodged the incoming punch with far more ease than an Orc should be capable of. They performed an almost fluid series of moves that each repelled and blocked. Both were trained. They had garnered a crowd by now. Roshgar managed to get the upper hand and slammed his huge green fist into Mak’Nill’s face. The Orc rolled away, trapped in a circle of Warbringer Orcs. Just then his illusion faded. The magic around him left, and his human form was revealed.

Krag’Nagh Varanis! King Varanis!

The Human King smiled.

“Lets play, Beast.” And with that, he charged.

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