Open Warfare

The rockets streaked across the battlefield leaving trails of twisting black smoke. The first landed short, blowing a hole in the ground that immediately started filling with brackish water. The second glanced across the turret of the tank and exploded a second later. The third, oh now the third! The third was what you might call a lucky shot. As the exploding second rocket rocked the tank, the mouth of the barrel swung just enough to intercept the oh so lucky third and swallow it down into the belly of the machine. Brilliant light streamed from every joint and rivet for an instant, and greasy pork-smelling smoke streamed from the once battened hatches.
+++kkZkkzKORY FOUzzKz ISzzzzKkz+++ buzzed the com unit +++I REPEAT, GLORY FOUR IzzzZ GONE!kkKkz+++
“Damn heretics!” swore Colour Sergeant Easthaven, as he thumbed the respond button. “This is 2nd Company, Hyperian Light Fusilliers. Moving to intercept those launchers. Copy? Over.”
+++zzzKzzOPY SECOzD COMzzzKzOOD LUCzzKzkkVER+++

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