A Moment of Realness 2

I glance at Chris like he is a prince. James nudges me. I snap out of it and look at the clock. I sigh as time is almost up. Chris and James look at the clock too then start to pack up their stuff. We three walk to the door. Silence ensues and I look up. Chris is looking at me. He smiles like I am a princess. I smile back and our eyes stay locked. Time stops. Heat starts to rush to my head and I feel a total adrenaline rush. I wonder if he is feeling the same. He just seems so content with looking into my eyes. The bell rings and I break the stare. We say our goodbyes and I float out of the room.

I wish that moment could last forever. It felt like a dream, but it wasn’t. It was real and so is he. I just hope the dream that me and him are together becomes real too.

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