The Field is Calling

The ulvose field sparkled in the moonlight. A gelicide lent its icy breath to the myriad of florals. The venustation of the abandoned lot caused her breath to catch in her throat. She walked murklin, entering the solace. The lubency of the moment overwhelmed her and she didn’t pay attention to where she was stepping.
She labascated, flailing her arms to try and find purchase. It didn’t work. She fell into the deep chasm that had lain gaping at her feet. Scaevity had found her again.
She heard a crunch as she landed at the bottom, screaming out in pain. If she had an odynometer, the reading would be off the charts. The somadric pain was the worst, but her spirit was also broken. She’d had too many bad breaks recently and this was the icing on the cake. Now she had to lay here in the vacivity and slowly die.
Blateration was her only companion and it comforted her as she lay shivering in the mud far into the night. She tussicated, choking on the blood.
As the sun rose, she exhaled one last time.

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