the horror, the horror...

The house was in darkness when they arrived, a hushed quietude blanketing the secluded building.
“This the one then?” “That’s what the caller reported. A disturbance at number 32. Mind you, it looks quiet enough now.” “Spooky though!” “Not much! Still we’re here now, might as well take a look eh?”
The two policemen walked up the path towards the old red brick building. Its blank windows staring disconcertingly out at them. When they reached the heavy wooden front door, McGuire knocked loudly while Lewis peered through the glass panel next to the door.
“Call for an ambulance now!” He cried, as he smashed the glass and reached through to wrench open the door. “What in Gods name have they done to her!!”
McGuire was already on the radio requesting an ambulance and backup when he saw the body. Its tattered remains strewn the length of the hallway in a welter of torn flesh and shattered bone, blood dripping thickly into spreading puddles, as he stood trying to comprehend what had been done in this quiet suburb.

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