Somewhere in Egypt

“You’re yanking my chain.”
“No, really, it’s SPHERICAL!”
“Like I’m going to tell His Majesty Ramses II that.”
“I’ve got evidence!”
“Like what?”
“See, there’s this well in Alexandria. And there’s this well in Luxor. And they’re both vertical, you see, but the sun makes a shadow one day in one place and not in the other!”
“Ookay. Tell me again why I shouldn’t lock you up as a lunatic.”
“Because lunacy has nothing to do with the sun?”
“Oh, maybe not, but it has something to do with you.”
“No! Honestly, it’s a simple matter of geometry!”
“Of what?”
“Geometry! It’s the science of the measure of things like the geodesics and the ..”
“The what?”
“The proof that the world is round!!”
“Or that people in Alexandria don’t know how to drill wells.”
“No no no! They’ve got it right, it’s just that our entire worldview is wrong!”
“Perhaps I should suggest this to a priest of Isis.”
“Ohnono,please don’t, that won’t be necessary”
“I think it will.”
“Promise to shut about this?”
“I Promise”
“Done. Just this once…”

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